How I developed my Signature Quilt Style

Mar 10, 2023

My quilt-making style (that I now call Scrappy Appliqué) grew over the course of many years and began with experimentation and play.

I’ve loved collage since I was a girl and used my fair share of decoupage as a teenager. When I began quilting, it felt totally natural (and exciting) to collage with fabric!

It began really messy. I learned about this thing called fusible web and just started experimenting. Over time and after MANY projects, my style began to emerge. I combined collage with my love of silhouettes and started thinking of and drawing really simple but bold silhouettes, and Scrappy Applique was born. 

I think there is something innate in us that wants to make things and make them beautiful. We see this in cave paintings and ancient pottery, it’s in our bones to do this.

I’ve worked with thousands of quilters from all around the world and get asked a lot, how can I make my quilts unique? Hasn’t it all been done before? The short answer is yes, there are few things that have yet to be done, but the magic ingredient to making your work unique is YOU. Your other interests, loves, fascinations. When you combine interests and elements from OUTSIDE the quilt world and draw your inspiration from outside the quilt world… ✨✨

If you’d love to make unique quilts, quilts that represent YOU and your style, I hope you’ll join us for my free Masterclass, Quilt Magic! It’s happening tomorrow and you can still register here! (If you can’t come live or miss it, register and we’ll send you the replay 😘) See you there!!

What inspires YOU from outside the quilt world? Even if you’re not yet sure how it can be incorporated into a quilt. Leave a comment below! Gardening? Impressionistic paintings? Algebra? I want to know!

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