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Tap into your unique magic. You look at the world unlike anyone else, and there are things to be made that ONLY YOU can make. Unlock this magic in a fun, inspiring, and free masterclass with international designer & teacher, Shannon Brinkley. 

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Learn how to develop your own unique quilt-making style.

Discover where you currently are on the "Quilt Artist's Journey".

Learn how to design quilts that express your style.

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Shannon Brinkley is a quilt & fabric designer, international teacher & speaker, author, creator of Scrappy Appliqué, and founder of the Meander Quilt Guild.

She helps thousands of quilters from all around the world explore and express their own creativity.

Known for her teachings around color, appliqué, and creativity, Shannon is excited to help you unlock your unique magic and create quilts that are all your own. 

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