Explore your creativity and get outside your comfort zone

Signature Programs & Courses

The Meander Quilt Guild

Meander is an international quilt guild and school where you'll master color, explore a bunch of quilt-making styles, learn to design your own quilts, and develop your own unique quilt-making style, all alongside other quilters from all around the world.

As a member, you'll enjoy a growing library of workshops taught by international teachers, live workshops, fun guild events, and our popular Color Confidence for Quilters program. We'd love to have you join this vibrant, creative community!


Scrappy Applique

Scrappy Applique is a raw-edge applique technique created by Shannon Brinkley. It is quick and simple to learn, yet allows for a lot of creative possibilities! Join thousands of other quilters and learn this fun and easy technique and make your first project!

You'll find the full Scrappy Appliqué Workshop inside Meander!


Scrappy Applique Workshop Includes:

  • 12 step-by-step videos
  • E-Book
  • multiple Scrappy Applique patterns
  • Bonus: Creative Applique Finishing Options classes!
  • Live Workshops & Events

Color Confidence for Quilters

A full Color Curriculum that will take you from unsure and insecure with your color abilities to being able to confidently mix and match all the fabrics in your stash to create fabric palettes that are beautiful, unique, and look like you!

This popular and powerful online program is only available inside Meander.


And so much more

We have live events, classes on creativity & design, and so much more! There is also a HUGE library of fantastic workshops inside Meander; here are just a few...

Start Exploring Now!

Dive into any of these workshops and start exploring your creativity now! We are so excited to see what you're going to create.

Business Programs

Make a living doing what you love.



Learn to start or grow your quilt business in this incredible workshop. Whether you are starting from scratch, looking to pivot your business online, or scale your digital quilt business, we've got you covered!


Certified Teaching Program


Are you interested in teaching one of Shannon's popular programs? Teaching and speaking at quilt guilds or quilt shops is the quickest and simplest business models in the quilt industry, and Shannon's Scrappy Applique and Color Confidence for Quilter's workshops are in high demand. We'd love to share with you more about our Certified Teacher Training Program.


About Shannon Brinkley

Shannon Brinkley is a quilt & fabric designer, international teacher & speaker, and the author of the book Scrappy Bits Applique. A former elementary teacher, Shannon is able to break down creative processes so they are super simple to digest and quick to implement! Passionate that there is no wrong way to make a quilt, Shannon loves helping quilters get outside their comfort zones, and explore their own creativity.


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