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Master color and grow your own unique style, all while trying out lots of fun, new techniques, alongside like-minded quilters from all over the world.


Explore quilt styles and techniques from all over the world, and learn how to mix and match them to develop your own unique and distinctive style. 

Learn all about color so you can confidently choose your own fabric palettes from your stash-- no more relying on kits!

Connect with quilters from
all over the world as we go on
this journey together.

Included in Meander

There is A TON included in your Meander Membership. Here are a few of the goodies you'll have access to as soon as you join:

What is Scrappy Applique?

Learn how fun, simple, and quick this process is. Once you understand the technique and options, there are so many things you can do with it!


Join Meander & get immediate access to the full Scrappy Appliqué Workshop!

Get Scrappy Applique Workshop Now DISMISS MESSAGE

Step-by-Step Videos

I'll walk you through the entire Scrappy Applique process from choosing your materials to finishing your quilt in this 12 part video series, filled with lots of photos, details, and demonstrations. View the videos from any device. 

Lots of Finishing Options

You'll learn lots of different finishing options for your projects, ranging from super quick and simple to a bit more intricate, like how to Couch Yarn (by machine) around your appliqué piece!

Live Classes

We'll have multiple upcoming Live Classes (via Zoom) where you can ask Scrappy Applique creator, Shannon Brinkley, all your questions in real time and get feedback on your project and fabric selection!

Get these Free Patterns!

When you join us now, you'll also get these bonus free patterns! Each comes in multiple sizes, so you can make a variety of different projects! (Free Bonus Patterns: Shy Kitty, Elephant, Wandering Bear)

A full Color Curriculum that will take you from unsure and insecure with your color abilities to being able to confidently mix and match all the fabrics in your stash to create fabric palettes that are beautiful, unique, and look like you!

Full Color Curriculum Covering:

  • the Art & Science of Color
  • The 4 Elements of Color
  • Understanding tone
  • Working with Neutrals and Undertones
  • Print & Pattern Mixing
  • and more!

Additional Classes on fun topics like:

  • How to define your "Color Style" and get outside your "Color Comfort Zone"
  • Simple & Creative Color Formulas to make fabric selection a pleasure and a breeze
  • How to use Color to affect the mood of your quilt

Color Labs

You'll have access to our live "Color Lab" events where we dive into different topics on color and put our skills to practice by pulling practice fabric palettes. 

Palette SOS

You'll also be able to attend "Palette SOS" events where you can ask for help and feedback on your fabric palettes and get suggestions for how to improve your palettes.

Workshop Library

Access our entire Quilt Workshop library! Explore a variety of techniques and learn quilting styles from all over the world. Learn at your own pace when it's convenient for you. 

A few of our Workshops

As a member, you have access to the entire Workshop Library, and we are always adding new workshops as well!

Live Workshops & Events

Connect with quilters from all over the world! We host regular Live Workshops and Community Events, Sit & Sews, and a monthly Guild Meeting where we do a fun and inspiring Show & Tell.

The Meander Guild Community

As a member of Meander, you have access to our private Meander Facebook Group where you can connect with fellow quilters, share what you're working on, and get inspired by what everyone is creating. 


You'll also be able to connect with fellow members at our monthly virtual guild meeting! We do a Live Show & Tell -- it's so much fun spending time with and connecting with each other.

Join the Community

International Teachers

Meander was created by International speaker/teacher Shannon Brinkley. Shannon is the author of the book Scrappy Bits Applique as well as a quilt and fabric designer. A former elementary teacher, Shannon is able to break down all of the content so it is super simple to digest and quick to implement! She is known world-wide for her unique quilt-making style, and is excited to help you grow your own.

Guest Teachers

In addition to learning from Shannon, you'll also be learning from other talented and creative International and National Teachers. Here are a few recent teachers:

Giuseppe Riboudo

English Paper Piecing

Karlee Porter

Grafitti Quilting

Rebecca Bryan

Freezer Paper Piecing

Debbie Grifka

Bias Tape Applique

"This group goes beyond the standard quilting techniques to challenge you in ways you may never have imagined. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and encourages experimentation. I love everything about it."

Juliet A

"More than your average guild! Technique, theory, history, and fun all wrapped up in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. I wait anxiously each week to see what comes next!"

Beth L

"It teaches things NO ONE else teaches and combines practical and artistic ideas PERFECTLY!"

Cynthia C

"The best $19 you will spend all month!"

Nancy M

"Binge watching Meander while sewing is way more inspiring and relevant than Netflix!"

Jacqueline P

"Join! You won’t be sad you did, Shannon brings so much information and content you will find something to try and a new technique to learn even if you are a well seasoned quilter!"

Hayle M

"It's better than a Craftsy class. Shannon is a clear, thoughtful and engaging teacher. I am taking the traditional styles, techniques, and color theory and mashing them into something uniquely mine."

Laura H

Join now and dive into all the great content right away!

Meander Membership (monthly)


PER MONTH (you can cancel at any time)

All Live Workshops

Workshop Library

Full Color Curriculum

Scrappy Applique Workshop

Design Classes

Pattern Library

Sewing Tutorials

Monthly Live Events

Private Meander Facebook Group

Bonus: Color Palette Library


Meander Membership (annual)


PER YEAR (get 2 months free!)

All Live Workshops

Workshop Library

Full Color Curriculum

Scrappy Applique Workshop

Design Classes

Pattern Library

Sewing Tutorials

Monthly Live Events

Private Meander Facebook Group

Bonus: Color Palette Library


Plus Get this Bonus!

Join now and receive stellar bonus content.

Color Palette Library

Over 100 different color palettes organized by tone (color season) to use as reference and inspiration for beautiful and effortless fabric pulls. This is a digital library, so you can access it right away!

Included with Meander

I've designed Meander very intentionally to guide you through your unique Artist's Journey. There is structure and a clear path, but also a lot of room to explore what's inspiring you.

Access the entire Quilt-Style Workshop library! Explore a variety of techniques and learn quilting styles from all over the world. Learn at your own pace when it's convenient for you. 

Dive into a full Color curriculum! Master both the Art & Science of Color and pull fabrics with confidence and ease. Attend our live Color Labs (or watch the replays) for guided, hands-on practice.

Explore a bunch of fun styles easily with our new Block of the Month Program! Choose from a 6, 9, or 12 block project. Get ready for your most creative year yet!

A growing Pattern Collection, each includes a small ("experiment") version, so you can try out the style quickly + Sewing Tutorial Library!

Monthly live events, live workshops, Sit & Sews, and the monthly Guild Meeting where you can connect with fellow members from all around the world!

Dive into our library of classes on how to design your own quilts, as well as how to explore and express your creativity, and grow as an artist.

Dive in & Start Exploring

We cannot wait to get to know you and see what you're going to create. Join now and dive in right away. We'll see you inside!

Have a question? Just shoot us an email and we'll be happy to help! [email protected] 


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