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Get Paid to be Creative

Follow the proven, step-by-step system to build the business of your dreams in the Craft Industry in 7 weeks.


Step By Step Process

Everything you need from laying your foundation, to creating your products, to growing your audience, and scaling is broken down step-by-step.

Unique to You

Everything in PatchWork can be customized to suit YOU-- your goals, preferences, revenue streams, and talents. 

Supportive Community

We are here to support you to make your dreams a reality. From our fabulous customer service, to the private Facebook community, to our weekly Q&A calls, we've got you covered!

The Quickest Way to go from Hobbyist to Business Owner

PatchWork is an 7 week robust training & coaching program that walks you through starting, growing, and scaling your quilt business.

No more confusion about where to start or what to focus on next.

I will walk you through each step in the process, so whether you're in the early "dreaming phase" or already have an established brand that you want to scale, you will know exactly what to focus next and how to build your dream business that meets your financial, creative, and lifestyle goals.

Module 1:
Your Foundation

In this module, we'll make sure you have a firm foundation in your business. You'll create a vision for the business you want to build based on your financial, lifestyle, and creative goals. You'll clarify your revenue streams, and get very concrete on exactly what you will focus on first.

Module 2:
Your Products

You'll choose the products you want to offer and learn the step by step process for creating a number of different products, including print and PDF patterns, in person programs & workshops, online workshops, getting a book published, among others.

Module 3:
Your Brand

You will define your business's brand identity. You'll identify and clarify your niche, learn about copyrighting and trademarking, how to create a simple website that does everything you need it to, as well as what graphics you'll need and how to create them yourself or outsource them.

Module 4:
Your Audience

This is a powerful module. You'll learn exactly what you need to start and grow your email list. You'll learn the strategy I used to grow my email list from zero to thousands. 

Module 5:
Your Marketing

You'll learn how to nurture your audience so they are eager to hear from and buy from you. You'll learn how to position and market your products in an elegant and authentic way. You'll learn how to execute an effective product launch.

Module 6:
Your Growth

Once you have the previous elements in place, it is time to automate and delegate as much in the business as possible. You'll learn how to get a lot of your day-to-day tasks off your plate so you can focus on what matters most and what most lights you up. You'll learn how to automate and scale your email list growth and sales! This is a fun and extremely powerful module.







"I have done many courses to help me build my sewing business. The one that finally made a difference and truly understands the market was PatchWork."

Susanne McPhee
Beamazed - Queensland Australia

You can do this.

  • Quilting is a 4 billion dollar a year industry. There is so much opportunity and so much room for growth.

  • You can build your business in whatever spare time you have available. You can build it little by little, brick by brick. 

  • You do not need to invest tens of thousands of dollars to get your business off the ground. You can absolutely get started on a shoe string budget, and scale from there.

"When I signed up for Patchwork, my primary goal was to answer the question, ‚ÄėCan I actually make a living with quilting as my business?‚Äô and if so, ‚ÄėHow?‚Äô PatchWork gave me the clarity and concrete tools I needed. I now have a successful quilt teaching business that I love!"

Katie Lewis
Katie Lewis Quilting - South Carolina, USA

"I wish PatchWork had been around when I first started my quilty career. It would have saved me a lot of time figuring out how to get started! I've only been in PatchWork for a few months and it has already more than paid for itself! "

Bobbie Gentili
the geeky bobbin - Toronto, Canada

"Great business coaching -- you can recoup the cost very quickly if you take the lessons seriously and implement the tools. "

Carole Lyles Shaw
Modern Quilter Media LLC - Florida, USA

"I now have a clear plan for launching an online creative business."

Laura Dalling
ReSerge Linens - Halifax, Canada

"PatchWork has given me the confidence to go forward with a business in the quilting world. This is something that I kind of had thought about, but had no idea where to start, and at my age did not want to try and figure it out all on my own. Going though the program and working with Shannon has been amazing. Now, I am currently working on starting up my business, with confidence and most importantly know how."

Rhonda Lynch
Sew Simple Quilting Studio - Texas, USA

"PatchWork is a concise, thoughtful map for a contemporary craft business! Incredibly helpful and beneficial."

Jacqueline Peery
London, UK

"Because of Patchwork, I’ve triple my income and expanded my business to include an assistant and part time babysitter in 8 months! With the information and skills I developed in Patchwork, I see a profitable future for my business that could help support my family and allow my husband to do a job he loves after the Army."

Tori McElwain
The Quilt Patch by Tori - Arizona, USA

"I did PatchWork in 2020 with the idea of learning the details now so I could start a business later in life. The reality was that Shannon, through PatchWork, gave me all the tools I needed to start a business now. Besides the great content, Patchwork also gave me a network of like-minded talented business owners, which definitely helps with ad hoc scenarios that we need to navigate through. From starting with nothing I am now a quilt teacher, mentor, designer and explorer!"

Janelle Schwartz
Dotty & Grace - Dubai, UAE

Ready to join us?

Your Teacher: Shannon Brinkley 

Shannon Brinkley is a quilt and fabric designer, an international speaker and teacher, author of the book Scrappy Bits Applique, and founder of the online quilt guild, Meander. 

She's appeared multiple times on PBS, taught and spoken at hundreds of quilting events around North America, and her teachings about color, creativity, and quilting reach tens of thousands of quilters from all around the world. 

She's built a nearly 7-figure (per year) business doing what she loves. This allowed her to retire her husband from his corporate job, create financial freedom, and impact thousands of quilters from all around the world.

A few of the platforms Shannon has appeared on or been featured by:

PatchWork Members Only Facebook Group

By joining PatchWork, you'll also get access to a really special community.

Connect with your fellow Quilt Designers and Teachers. This community is an incredible place to bounce ideas off of one another, ask for feedback or suggestions, recieve encouragement, and collaborate.

This is a safe and non-competative space. We believe a rising tide lifts all boats, and we are all here to support one another and cheer eachother on!

"Patchwork was and continues to be a great experience. I received so much more than instruction from Shannon. A great wealth of knowledge shared freely as well as a community to continue to grow with. It is an experience that never ends! "

Kim Mastromartino
Line Design - Toronto, Canada

There's Plenty of Room for You

This is a huge and growing industry. There is plenty of room for you and your talents. You will bring certain things to the table that no one else can-- we need your unique perspective and strengths.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get

Want all the nitty-gritty? Here is exactly what we're covering! Click on each module for all the details.

This is the phase that most business owners try to rush through and skip over. However, it is SO important to get clear on your goals and figure out a plan for how to achieve them. You wouldn't start a roadtrip without a map, and you shouldn't start or continue in your business without a solid plan of action!

  • You will create your vision for your company, defining your lifestyle, financial, and creative goals.¬†
  • Following our concrete process, you'll choose the¬†revenue streams¬†that will help you achieve your goals.
  • You'll follow our process to lay out a crystal-clear plan for how you will move forward and what you will focus on first.

Once you have your foundation laid and you know where you are going, it's time to create or finalize your product suite. 

You'll learn:

  • How to create a streamlined and profitable product suite that can be scaled in the future.
  • The exact steps for creating the most profitable products for quilt designers & teachers including:
    • printed quilt or sewing patterns
    • digital (PDF) quilt or sewing patterns
    • in-person programs, lectures, and trunk shows
    • in-person workshops
    • online workshops
    • a block of the month program
    • book or ebook
  • How to teach and sell someone else's Intellectual Property (patterns, techniques, etc)
  • How to make money as an affiliate for other companies and programs

Once you've established your foundation and planned out your products, you'll need to think through your business's brand.

  • You'll define your brand values and how you want your brand to look and feel. 
  • You'll learn about copyrighting and trademarking requirements
  • You'll learn what graphic elements you need to have (logo, etc) and how to either create them yourself or outsource this
  • You'll learn how to create or update your website to include the most critical elements
  • Equally as important as what to include, you'll learn what NOT to include, and the biggest mistakes most people make with their websites that lose them thousands of dollars. 
  • You'll add your products to your website and plan out a clear customer journey

This may sound complex, but I break everything down step by step and make it SUPER simple! You can DIY it all yourself or outsource it to a graphic designer, I'll walk you through both options. This is a really fun and creative part of the whole process, and I promise it can be much easier that you think!

Having and growing an email list of engaged subscribers that are eager to hear from and buy from you is the MOST important asset (other than your creative brain) in your business. In this module, you'll learn exactly how to start and grow your own. 

You'll learn:

  • How to get started with an email list, if you don't have one yet, and the key things you'll need in place.
  • You'll learn exactly how to set things up so people are eager and excited to sign up for your list. 
  • You'll learn all my strategies for how to grow that email list, even if you're starting at zero! 
  • You'll learn how I grew my email list from zero, then to hundreds, then to thousands.
  • You'll learn how to nurture your audience so they can't wait to open your emails!
  • You'll learn what kind of content you should share for free and what you should charge for.
  • You'll put a system in place that puts your list growth on autopilot, so once it is set up, all you have to do is check in on it.

Imagine having a list of hundreds or thousands or people who are eager to hear from and buy from you. That is exactly what you'll learn how to put in place. This will be the number one thing that moves the needle most in your business.

Once you have your products and audience in place, you'll need to figure out how you will market those products to your audience. And don't worry, marketing doesn't have to feel awkward or sales-y. It can instead be an extention of your brand and creativity. It can be fun, playful, elegant, and authentic.

You'll learn:

  • How to create a clear and powerful marketing strategy
  • How to communicate with your audience in a caring, authentic way, rather than like a used-car salesman or an awkward robot.
  • I'll share about the promotions that worked well for me and those that didn't and why
  • How to execute an effective product launch, no matter what you're selling
  • How to plan out a "customer journey" so your customers can learn about and go through your whole product suite.


I used to be terrified of marketing. I felt awkward and guilty for trying to sell my products. However, I quickly learned how to make my products so valuable, fun, and helpful, that I knew they could improve my customers lives. It then became my responsibility to do everything I could to get my products in front of as many people as possible so I could help as many people as possible. This module will help you change your relationship with marketing, so it becomes fun, effortless, and just a way to offer value, inspiration, and help to your customers.

This is the fun part! Once you have the groundwork laid: you have your foundation and goals all defined, you've created your products, started growing an audience, and learned how to market those products to your audience, it is time to SCALE!!

You'll learn:

  • How to put your email list growth on autopilot
  • The exact steps I took to grow my email list to tens of thousands
    • How I automated my list to increase by one thousand new subscribers every month
    • How we've now scaled that to grow by one thousand new subscribers every week!
  • How to create marketing funnels so your sales are on autopilot and you can make money while you sleep
  • How to automate as much of your business as possible using really simple online tools
  • How to start delegating and getting tasks off your plate, even with a small budget

This is the most fun part. The groundwork can take some time to lay, but once it is established, you can grow quickly!! Maybe you already have some of the previous elements in your business, like some patterns, a website, and an email list (however small), this module is going to be SO extremely powerful and life changing.

None of this is fluff or exaggeration. It also isn't magic. It takes time and trial and error to set up these funnels and systems, but once they are in place, your growth potential is limitless. 

This is what most business owners are missing and why their growth is so painstakingly slow, but it does not have to be that way! You can take advantage of the modern marketing strategies you'll learn in PatchWork and be leaps and bounds ahead of the rest.

This 7-week program includes six modules plus 3 implementation classes. Each module is presented  recorded so you can choose the time to watch that works best for you. During the implementation classes, Shannon will host live group-coaching calls where you can get mentoring and feedback on your business. Plus we'll have weekly Q&A sessions where you can ask any question that pops up!

If you can't attend one (or all) of the live sessions, you'll be able to watch the recording.

You'll have lifetime access to all the recordings, so you can take your time and go through the program at whatever pace works for you.

"PatchWork has given me the confidence to go forward with a business in the quilting world. This is something that I kind of had thought about, but had no idea where to start, and at my age did not want to try and figure it out all on my own. Going though the program and working with Shannon has been amazing. Now, I am currently working on starting up my business, with confidence and most importantly know how."

Rhonda Lynch
Sew Simple Quilting Studio - Texas, USA

"I wish PatchWork had been around when I first started my quilty career. It would have saved me a lot of time figuring out how to get started! I've only been in PatchWork for a few months and it has already more than paid for itself! "

Bobbie Gentili
the geeky bobbin - Toronto, Canada

30 Day Money Back Guarantee 


If you are not 100% happy with PatchWork, just let us know within 30 days of purchase, and we will happily refund your money. We just ask that you give the program a fair chance, which means: watch the trainings and do the exercises. 

If you ask for a refund, we'll ask that you turn in your completed workbooks to show you've given the program a fair chance. So as long as you're commited to watching the videos and doing the exercises, there is no risk to join.

You'll also get these special bonuses!

In addition to the full PatchWork curriculum, all the Q&A calls with Shannon, and access to the private PatchWork Community, you'll also get these amazing bonuses!

Template Library

Take my exact templates for teaching contracts, pricing sheets, materials lists, product launch email sequences, and more. You'll also receive multiple quilt pattern templates, so you can easily create your own professional looking quilt patterns!

Save countless hours and headaches with these ready to use, professional and beautiful templates!

Value: $397


Time & Project Management Mastery

Learn how to manage your time and energy to become extremely efficient and effective! I'll walk you through our system that allows us to get SO much done every month.

No more scattered efforts or procrastination. 

Value: $297

Become a Master Teacher & Speaker

Learn all my tricks for running relaxing and inspiring workshops that your students will be raving about. Learn to speak and present confidently and professionally, which will leave your audiences inspired, ready to buy, and eager to tell everyone they know about you!

You'll learn how to deliver incredible lectures/programs, in-person workshops, as well as online workshops! 

Value: $397

Smartphone Photography & Film School

Learn to shoot beautiful photos and videos all using your smartphone! This is the exact setup my husband and I do for all of our photoshoots and videos! Learn all about lighting, shooting, editing, file storage, and everything else you need to product high-quality photos and videos without having to purchase a bunch of expensive equipment!

Value: $297

Deliver Virtual Quilt Guild Programs & Workshops

Want to teach and speak at guilds, but know that, with the current pandemic, this is not possible right now? Learn exactly how to coordinate and facilitate a successful Live, Virtual Program or Workshop!

You'll learn how to set up all the technology, communicate with and educate your students on the technology so there is no frustrations during your class or presentation, pitch this idea to existing quilt guilds so they get excited about it and book you, repurpose the recording and turn it into an online course. We also share all of the tips and tricks we've learned from hosting hundreds of live virtual events!

Value: $397

"I got my first signed contract and payment for my class today! Four more booked, and four pending. I'm loving this!"

Lois Mease
River Lawn Quilting - PA, USA

What You're Getting in PatchWork

We packed in A TON of great content!

6 Core PatchWork Modules
$1297 Value

Monthly Live Group Mentoring & Coaching Calls with Shannon
$997 Value

Private PatchWork Community Access
$497 Value

Bonus #1: Template Library
$397 Value

Bonus #2: Time Management Mastery
$297 Value

Bonus #3: Become a Master Teacher & Speaker
$397 Value

Bonus #4: Smartphone Photography & Film School
$297 Value

Bonus #5: Deliver Virtual Quilt Guil Programs & Workshops
$297 Value


$247 USD Today

Then 5 additional monthly payments of $247 USD

or save $185 by choosing the pay in full option


"PatchWork, gave me all the tools I needed. From starting with nothing, I am now a quilt teacher, mentor, designer and explorer!"

Janelle Schwartz
Dotty & Grace - Dubai, UAE

"Technology has been an issue for me before, but (with PatchWork) I was able to create a virtual trunk show and present it to a guild online. I have started republishing my print patterns digitally. I know what part of my business I want to develop right now, have the Patchwork Facebook community as a sounding board, as well as access to the instructor, I could go on and on!"

Terrie Kremer

"I've wanted to start my own business in the quilting industry for years, but never knew quite how to get started. Shannon taught me everything I need to know, and gave me the incentive and motivation to get my business started. I was able to find my niche, get all the necessary information I needed to start my own business like creating a logo, what to put and not put on your website, how to create videos and teach and sell online, how to create an online following, and so much more. I really appreciate that everything is taught in one place. I’m sure I could have found all the information I learned after reading hundreds of books, doing thousands of Google searches, and spending countless hours watching YouTube videos. Instead of wasting all that time I learned everything I needed to know in 8 weeks with Shannon and her PatchWork program. It has opened my eyes to all that I could do."

Kathy Tyson
Katherine’s Kreationz - Wisconsin, USA

"Patchwork is a wonderful place to grow and establish a quilting business. Patchwork has a wonderful support system in place to guide you every step of the way."

Vicky Cowart

"PatchWork helped me to restructure my whole business idea and create it so it suits me and my strengths. You have to put the work in which won't always be an easy road, but with this course you have all the tools you need."

Susanne Kurz

"Patchwork provides a nuts and bolts approach to starting a creative business in the quilting industry with plenty of flexibility, even though I'm still working at a full time job."

Dawn Spero

"It's amazing not only educational, but motivational, inspirational, and the support and courage will really help move you forward in your dream. I have made more forward momentum in my business in the last 8 weeks than I have ever."

Sara Thirwell

"PatchWork helped me to plan my marketing strategically with specific goals in place and coming up with ways to monetise more effectively things I was already doing. The highlight for me has been the fact that everything has been specific to a quilting based business, this is what sets it apart from other marketing courses I've done. It makes a big difference."

Jane Galley

Frequently Asked Questions

PatchWork is an 7-week long program, but you will have lifetime access to all the content and recordings. 


  • 6 Core Modules (recorded, one module each week)
    • Your Foundation
    • Your Products
    • Your Brand
    • Your Audience
    • Your Marketing
    • Your Growth
  • 3 Live Coaching Calls with Shannon where you can get direct feedback on your business
  • Weekly live Q&As with Shannon¬†
  • Lots of fantastic bonus trainings
  • Pattern templates
  • Contract templates
  • Access to our private PatchWork members-only Facebook group where you can connect with fellow quilt business owners, get feedback, ask questions, network, collaborate, and be a part of this encouraging creative community!

As a PatchWork member, you will have lifetime access to the course, and can go through it as many times as you like! No need to pay extra for any updates or to go through the course again in later years.

PatchWork is designed for all levels of business, and you will see fellow students at all stages. If you're in the early "dreaming" phase, you will not be alone, and PatchWork will ensure you start off on the right foot, establish a firm foundation, and not waste any time on unnecessary things!

We have students who come back and retake the course each year as they reach new levels in their business. 

I would have killed to have all of this information and guidance laid out for me as a clear roadmap when I first started my business. It would have saved me YEARS of wasted time, money, and effort. 

Absolutely not. The early modules will help you ensure you have all the elements in place for the firm foundation you need, so even as an established brand, you will learn a lot. 

And the second half of the course is going to be packed with new content that will help you maximize your marketing and scale your revenue, including:

  • How to develop your product suite so your business is well monetized (the goal here is to bring in $1 per person on your list, per month)
  • How to establish, grow, and scale your email list using a variety of strategies
  • Marketing events to promote your products that are Quilt Industry specific and tested, like Quilt Alongs, 48 hour promos, Webinars, Sales, Live Workshops, and many more.
  • How to put your lead generation on autopilot using organic traffic and paid traffic
  • How to develop funnels to put your sales on autopilot
  • How to use paid advertisements to scale your efforts tremendously (this is what took me from 5 to 6 figures and beyond)
  • And many other more advanced strategies.
  • Plus coaching with me so we can look at your unique needs/challenges within your business. 

Nope! All of the classes and Coaching Calls are housed on our beautiful PatchWork site. We do have our private PatchWork Facebook group where you can connect and network with fellow business owners. It is not required to be a part, though, we have had members who create a Facebook account just to be a part of the members-only group. It will also be helpful to have as you're expanding your business.

PatchWork modules are recorded for you to watch on your schedule. You will also have access to 3 live Coaching Calls and weekly Q&As. If you are unable to attend any live, no worries, there will be a recording available after.

No problem! We have a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you are not 100% happy with PatchWork, just let us know within 30 days of purchase, and we will happily refund your money. We just ask that you give the program a fair chance, which means: watch the trainings and do the exercises. 

If you ask for a refund, we'll ask that you turn in your completed workbooks to show you've given the program a fair chance. So as long as you're commited to watching the videos and doing the exercises, there is no risk to join.

We totally understand, and have students who are single moms, caretakers of elderly parents, have full time jobs, and are otherwise just busy.

If you can set aside 2 hours per week that would be great. However, you have lifetime access to PatchWork and our private members-only group, so you can go through the program at whatever pace works for you! You can also go through the program year after year without paying any extra. 

We have a lot of students who enroll in PatchWork because they are planning on retiring in a few years and want to have a plan in place for extra income. 

Especially if you're working a full time job, it can take some time to establish your business and grow it to meet your revenue goals, so getting all the pieces in place before you need the extra income is ideal.

You can establish your foundation and slowly build it so that when you're ready to retire, everything is in place!

Now is also a perfect time to join since we cannot guarantee we will offer PatchWork in future years, and if we do, it may be at an increased price.

Absolutely! I will be sharing lots of options for how to grow a business in this industry whatever your skill level is.

I started my business as a very beginner quilter, so you absolutely can as well!

This will vary depending on the revenue streams you choose, but I always encourage my students to start as simply as possible and build from there. I teach lots of revenue streams that require very low start up costs. For example, you can get your email list and website set up for less than $50 and get a quilt pattern professionally designed and ready to sell for under $100!

Compared to traditional quilt business models, like a long-arm business or retail shop, that require over $10,000 +, these business models can be started with very modest budgets, so your risk is very limited.

"Because of Patchwork, I’ve tripled my income and expanded my business to include an assistant and part time babysitter in 8 months!"

Tori McElwain
The Quilt Patch by Tori - Arizona, USA

You can do this! We'll show you how.

Because of our 30 day Money Back Guarantee, there is NO RISK to join! Invest in yourself and the future you want to create.

Still have questions?

Simply shoot us an email, we're more than happy to help! [email protected] 


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