Flowers to Fabric

Getting Started with Fabric Dyeing (FREE Class)


Learn how to get started dyeing your own color-fast fabric using plants and extracts!

In this FREE Class you will learn:

  • Basic set up to start dyeing your own fabrics (hint: it's very simple)
  • Types of fabrics to use + the different effects you can create (lots of great options for quilters!)
  • The overall process for dyeing fabrics that won't fade or bleed!
  • I'll demonstrate dyeing with real fabric & a dye that you probably have in your pantry!
  • Plants that you probably have in your garden or a nearby park that produce color for dyeing
  • A ton of beautiful examples of colors and prints that you can achieve in your own kitchen

"So excited to geek out on this! I love your style of teaching and so appreciate the thoroughness of your class!"

Susan M.

Meet Your Teacher: Shannon Brinkley

Shannon Brinkley, is a quilt and fabric designer, author, and international teacher & speaker. She become OBSESSED with natural fabric dyeing and is so excited to go on this journey with you. Shannon is known world-wide for her instruction on color, creativity, and her ability to break down complex ideas and techniques into simple, do-able steps. Shannon is eager to help you explore your creativity and make your own stash of fabrics that suit your exact style. 


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