Scrappy Applique Workshop

Let your creativity loose with this fun & unique technique-- it's quick to pick up yet allows for so many creative possibilities! 


What is Scrappy Applique?

Learn how fun, simple, and quick this process is. Once you understand the technique and options, there are so many things you can do with it!


Video Series

I'll walk you through the entire process from choosing your materials to finishing your quilt in this 12 part video series, filled with lots of photos, details, and demonstrations. View the videos from any device. 

Scrappy Applique E-Workbook

The E-Workbook will guide you through the process and includes my additional Common Problems Trouble Shooting Guide, so you can easily find a solution to problems you come across. 

A Peek Inside the Workshop

If you'd like to take a look inside, so you can visualize exactly what you're getting, watch this video now.


Bonus Classes

If you grab the course now, you'll also get 3 fabulous bonus classes! These bonuses are only available for a limited time.

Bonus 1: Flawless Fabric Pull

Never stress about a fabric pull again! This color class will help you pull fabrics with confidence and make your Scrappy Applique collage (and any other quilt project) look harmonious, interesting, and like you! 

Bonus 2: Applique Couching

Learn how to finish the edges of your applique piece by couching yarn! I have 2 ways to do this that are way simpler to do than they look (both done using your machine) and adds such lovely texture and interest to your quilt. This is such a fun technique!

Bonus 3: Faux Needle-Turn Applique

Learn how to get the same sweet and classic look of needle-turn applique, with all of your edges turned under, but done lightning fast and all on your machine! It’s a simple and fun technique that gives a really pretty effect.

Start your Project Today!

Scrappy Applique is so much fun, and with my guidance, you'll be able to finish your project quicker than you'd ever expect!

"The class was wonderful, and I enjoyed her teaching style. She was very clear, gave us lots of options and support. Her scrappy applique technique was a lot of fun, and different in a good way!"


"Had a great time making this. Since this was my first Scrappy Applique, watching the video lesson was worth it!"


"I took Shannon's Scrappy Applique class last week. Loved her class and my final product! A great technique that I will use again and again I'm sure. Thanks Shannon!!"

Karen C

"Fantastic Workshop taught by Shannon. I’m a beginner quilter but was able to finish the piecing and top stitching in one day. Shannon’s instructions are clear and her class is fun!"

Mary C

"Shannon’s class has inspired and peeked my interest in ways I cant yet express but will soon be able to show my quilts and wall hangings and works of art that Shannon’s class has inspired me to create!!!"

Nicole L

"I loved doing this pattern from picking out the colors to the collaging to the quilting. It is so impactful to look at. I amazed myself! I want to make more of Shannon's patterns. I am entering this quilt in our local summer arts festival."


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