Shannon Brinkley Studio Certified Teacher Program

Grow your quilt teaching business with these popular & unique workshops.

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Four Certification Options

Choose to become certified in one or both of the following:

Get Certified

Learn the content inside and out.

Choose to get certified in Scrappy Applique,Color Confidence for Quilters, or both! Learn the common challenges, mistakes, and how to best teach the curriculum. 

Book Events

Start reaching out to guilds to fill your teaching calendar.

You'll also be featured on our website as a certified teacher which is where we send all of our referrals.

Start Teaching!

Become a teacher!

By the end of the certification program, you will be ready to facilitate fun, inspiring, and profitable workshops that your students can't help but tell all their friends about. 

Revenue You
Can Count On

One of my favorite things about this revenue stream, other than engaging with other amazing quilters in person, is that you can know and plan for how much money you will make this year.

Since you will have set fees and signed contracts you can budget and plan your income in advance. 

Start / Grow Your Business

Teaching in-person events is the quickest and simplest way to build a business in the quilting industry. With popular and tested curriculum that is in high demand you shouldn't have any problem filling up your calendar. 

At a typical in-person event you could earn:

  • $300 for a Lecture/Program
  • $500 for a Workshop
  • $200 or more in Product Sales

Total: $1,000 or more per event

This is a rough estimate. You can always determine your own rates and your product sales will vary. Some guilds / shops choose to book multiple workshops in a single event which would obviously increase your earnings. 


What's Included

There is a lot included with your certification!

We'll dive deep into the curriculum so you understand it inside and out. I've taught these workshops countless times and can share all of the common questions, mistakes, and areas of confusion so that you can facilitate a fun, laid-back, and inspiring workshop. 

  • Pre-Work: Once you sign up you'll get access to the certified teacher training portal where you'll find a full, pre-recorded curriculum that you can dive into right away. 
  • Training: You'll receive in-depth training through recorded trainings where you'll learn not only the content, but how to best teach it in a workshop setting. 
    • Scrappy Applique
    • Color Confidence
    • Portrait Quilting
    • Imbue
  • Post-Work/Teachback: After the course you'll have the opportunity to practice and be approved in one of our many teachback sessions.

To receive your certification and begin teaching you'll need to have:

  • Completed your Pre-Work
  • Attended the Live Training
  • Submitted your Teachback video
  • Signed your Licensing Agreement
  • Submitted photos of at least 2 finished sample quilts (any size)
  • Paid in full for your Certification / First year's licensing 

You'll be certified for 1 year to teach Scrappy Applique, Color Confidence, Portrait Quilting, Imbue or a combination of these programs. The certification is a one time fee, but there will be an annual license renewal fee.


We'll start you off with a super helpful kit of resources that includes:

  • Your own wholesale link to use to purchase Scrappy Applique Patterns, and other products at 50% off retail to re-sell at your events
  • Workbook, training docs and learning content to assist in creating your own events
  • Class Guide / Materials lists that you can customize for your own business 

Guilds are constantly reaching out to me to come teach Scrappy Applique and Color Confidence. We will have a robust referral process in place to send teaching opportunities your way.

You'll be prominently featured on Shannon Brinkley's website as a Certified Teacher of Scrappy Applique, Color Confidence, Portrait Quilting, Imbue or a combination of programs. This will allow guilds to find you and contact you directly. Our website receives around 5,000 visitors each month. 

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We only open enrollment once or twice a year, so be sure to get on the waitlist to be the first to hear when enrollment opens back up.


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