How to Become a Quilt Teacher

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How to Become a Quilt Teacher

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Interested in spreading your love for quilting with others and getting paid to do so? Join International teacher & speaker, Shannon Brinkley, as she shares exactly how to get your quilt teaching business up and running!








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Learn all about what it takes to become a Quilt Teacher, and how to fill your calendar!

Learn the key elements to a popular and successful program or workshop

Learn how to price your classes, what you need to have prepared, and how to begin

Your Teacher 

Shannon Brinkley is an international teacher & speaker, a quilt and fabric designer, author, creator of Scrappy Applique, and the founder of The Meander Quilt Guild. She is known world-wide for her unique quilt-making style, teachings on color, and her ability to help her students get out of their "comfort zones", explore their creativity, and develop their own unique style. Her Scrappy Applique and Color Confidence programs and workshops are extremely popular and sought after by quilt guilds from around the world.

You can do this.

You DON'T have to be an internationally known author or teacher.

You DON'T need decades of experience quilting. 

A great quilt teacher is NOT necessarily the most experienced quilter in the room. I'm sure you've attended many programs or workshops taught by experts that were totally boring, overwhelming, or simply uninspiring.

All YOU need to bring to the table is:

  • expertise in your subject matter (I'll show you how you can get this)
  • a passion for sharing your love of quilting
  • a desire to encourage others
  • an eagerness to learn
  • a willingness to put in the work to make it happen. I'll show you exactly what to do.
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"Long hours for mediocre pay was robbing me of time with my family, and I felt like I was missing my son's childhood. I wanted the freedom to have a job I loved that aligned with my values and priorities. Shannon's Program allowed me to start a quilt teaching business quickly and easily. "

Katie L.

"I got my first signed contract and payment for a class today! Four more booked, and four pending. I'm loving this!"

Lois M.

Imagine traveling around the country or world (in person or virtually) sharing inspiration, knowledge, and fun. 

Imagine getting paid to do this!

This can absolutely be your life. You can absolutely do this. 

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